Studio Graft: Blending Outdoor Adventure with Urban Luxury

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We’re excited to share our journey in supporting progressive outdoor brands traverse into a technical but wider appeal area via a “luxurisation”. Guiding this mission is Gary Burnand, our Commercial Director whose extensive experience in the outdoor market is invaluable to our unique approach in the ever-evolving industry of style and fashion.

The Business of Fashion’s latest annual report, the ‘State of Fashion 2024’, conveys the accelerating trend of technical outdoor wear, driven by a post-pandemic embrace of healthier lifestyles and the popularity of ‘gorpcore’ is seeing continued growth. This continued movement signals a shift in consumer preferences towards brands that combine lifestyle elements with technical functionality, offering a blend of practicality and style – is the utilitarian offering from brands across the fashion spectrum driven by the consumers’ need to get more ‘bang for their buck’? Garments that are happy in harsh environments as well as on the runways, and indeed on our streets and parklands, offer something of a Swiss Army knife approach to styling on an ever-pressured budget.

Drawing on his experience as the former Marketing Director of Barbour and Osprey Packs, Gary brings a depth of knowledge to Studio Graft that perfectly aligns with this market shift. “We at Studio Graft are not just marketers, we’re storytellers. We aim to intertwine the rugged appeal of outdoor gear with the polished performance of luxury fashion, engaging consumers who value both functionality and style,” he explains.

“We at Studio Graft are not just marketers, we’re storytellers.”

— Gary Burnand, Commercial Director

This approach is crucial in the current climate of economic uncertainty and changing consumer trends. As outlined in the ‘State of Fashion 2024’ report, the evolving state highlights the need for brands to be adaptable and innovative to maintain market and consumer usage relevance. Honing this story, however, is the hard part, and connecting with non-traditional audiences also means that reframed and relevant brand content curated for this cohort is essential. At Studio Graft, we’re committed to helping outdoor and technical brands navigate this transformation. Our team’s combined expertise in storytelling and marketing strategy bridges the gap between the adventurous spirit of outdoor brands and the sophisticated allure of the luxury market. We focus on creating emotional connections with consumers, extending beyond the product to the active lifestyle it represents.

Wrapping up, it’s the collective effort and diverse expertise of our entire team at Studio Graft that drives our success. We are a group of dedicated professionals, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table, working together to redefine the boundaries between outdoor adventure and urban luxury. Stay connected with us as we continue to explore this exciting terrain, connecting outdoor brands with a discerning audience that’s eager to embrace nature’s elegance in their everyday lives.

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