Studio Graft: Expertly Connecting Christys’ Hats with the Emerging Middle Eastern Market

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Few agencies possess the expertise and finesse to navigate the complexities of a growing market like the Middle East, but Studio Graft’s proficiency in this realm has allowed clients to flourish within this lucrative segment. Drawing on our network we seek to understand the cultural nuances alongside our data analysis to ensure we establish a strong presence and connection for brands within the region.

Our collaboration with Elle Magazine’s latest Middle East title “Man” exemplifies our ability to create tailored, targeted editorial content using consumer and online data. For instance, the article we crafted for Christys’ Hats showcased the brand’s rich history and enduring appeal of its headwear, incorporating references to the timeless elegance of Humphrey Bogart’s fedora in the classic film Casablanca. By weaving iconic moments from cinema and fashion history into our storytelling, we ensure that our clients’ narratives resonate with their desired audience, leading to enhanced brand visibility and engagement.

Our impressive roster of global editorial writers ply their trade with publications like The Financial Times’ How to Spend It, Mr. Porter, Robb Report, GQ, and Esquire, further bolstering our clients’ reach and credibility. By leveraging our industry connections and comprehensive understanding of the Middle Eastern customer, Studio Graft empowers clients to captivate new audiences and penetrate new markets.

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