A man holding coffee beans at The Gentlemen Baristas’ Roastery

Shopify 2.0: Customised Brew for Artisan Coffee Roasters’ Success

The Gentlemen Baristas, revered for their quality coffee and convivial ambience since 2014, exemplify the seamless melding of coffee mastery and customer-centricity. Their understanding of a delightful coffee experience extends beyond the beans to the entire journey from the roastery to the cup.

In partnership with The Gentlemen Baristas, we introduced Shopify 2.0 to the coffee connoisseur’s world. The transition to Shopify Plus enabled us to finely tune their business processes. We integrated Unleashed, linking their roastery operations directly to their digital footprint.

In a quest to enrich the customer journey, we enhanced their UX and incorporated a custom subscription model, tied into the Recharge app, offering customers the convenience of recurring orders. Additionally, integration with their Prospect CRM boosted their customer relationship management capabilities.

Our collaborative endeavour has brewed striking results: an 8% uptick in revenue, a remarkable 50% surge in conversions, a 27% increase in orders, and an astonishing 267% leap in sales through search.

These metrics signal a vibrant and robust digital presence, parallel to The Gentleman Baristas’ rich and perfectly balanced coffee blends.


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UX strategy, UX design, Shopify development, Shopify Plus, Custom subscriptions integration
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