A man in a park wearing a Christys’ panama hat

Crafting a Luxurious Narrative for Christys’ Milestone Celebration

Founded in 1773, Christys’ is a testament to centuries of impeccable hat craftsmanship. As they approached their monumental 250th anniversary, the brand sought to commemorate with a special product line, embodying their rich legacy and impeccable craft. But alongside these heirloom pieces, they also aimed to showcase their summer mainline styles, radiating the same elegance and heritage.

It’s been an immense privilege for Studio Graft to partner with Christys’ during such a pivotal moment. Over the course of our collaboration, we’ve embarked on a journey to refine and elevate their brand image, ensuring it mirrors the grandeur of their 250th-year commemoration. As with all our esteemed partners, we initiated our Pillars of Communication strategy, a process that aids in pinpointing key areas of discourse and aligns both teams on the narratives that resonate most with their audience. And with Christys’, it wasn’t merely about showcasing hats, but immersing the audience in an experience, a legacy.

Post-strategy alignment, we dove into crafting a visual and narrative ode to Christys’. Through meticulously planned photoshoots and detailed editorials, we conjured imagery and narratives that transcend conventional brand promotion. The outcome? A blend of rich heritage and contemporary luxury, amplifying Christys’ brand narrative.


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