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Collaborative Content Creation & Evolution for Christys’ Hats

Established in 1773, Christys’ Hats is a quintessentially British brand renowned for its high-quality headwear, ranging from classic designs to contemporary styles. With a rich history and enduring craftsmanship, the brand appeals to a diverse clientele seeking exceptional millinery creations.

Our collaboration with Christys’ Hats has spanned an extensive period, encompassing communication strategy, editorial partnerships, and the execution of targeted content shoots. Initiating the project with our Pillars of Communication approach, we worked closely with Christys’ Hats to identify the core elements that resonated with their customers, extending beyond product offerings to encompass a more comprehensive brand experience.

Leveraging our network of industry-leading editorial writers, we crafted compelling stories and articles that not only piqued consumer interest but also bolstered the brand’s SEO positioning. This strategic partnership culminated in the creation of captivating journal pieces, such as the feature on the Cheltenham Festival, showcasing the brand’s connection with iconic British events.

Synchronised with our content strategy, we continue to organise and execute small-scale photo and video shoots that effectively capture the essence of Christys’ Hats. This synergy between content and visuals amplifies the brand’s digital presence, fostering a dynamic, engaging, and immersive experience for audiences. Through this multifaceted approach, we continue to strengthen Christys’ online presence whilst honouring its rich heritage and commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.


Strategy, Production, Marketing


Communication strategy, Editorial access, Video, Photography
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