Edward Green Galway boots on a tree trunk

Best foot forward with Edward Green

Edward Green is a distinguished shoemaker renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design. Established in Northampton, England in 1890, the company has a long-standing tradition of creating bespoke and made-to-measure shoes for discerning customers.

Edward Green’s shoes are known for their superior quality and attention to detail, utilising the finest materials and traditional shoemaking techniques to produce footwear that is both comfortable and elegant. From sleek Oxfords to rugged Chelsea boots, the brand offers a diverse range of styles to meet the needs of modern men.

Studio Graft has worked together with Edward Green to create imagery used across a wide range of its online and offline material, from digital marketing to printed pieces. Having the opportunity to create imagery for such an iconic name has been a real treat for the team – it’s also taught us a great deal about what goes into creating the world’s finest shoes.




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